Adie Camp “Just You & Me” CD Review

I won a copy of Adie Camp’s latest CD Just You & Me
(I know, I know, I say I never win anything but apparently 2010 is my year) and I think it’s wonderful.  I am impressed by Adie’s strong, clear vocals, the variety in the songs, and the well mixed instruments.  My husband, who is an actual musician, probably just winced at my descriptions, but this is my review not his!

I tend to avoid listening to a whole album all at once because I like variety, but Just You & Me has enough difference within the songs to keep my interest without being discordant.  The CD works great as background music, but is upbeat enough to keep me moving or occupy the kids in the car.  Speaking of which, the kids love this CD too and can already sing along with most of the songs!

I also appreciate the topical depth of the music.  Adie’s faith and love for God make the songs devotional and worshipful without being formulaic or superficial.  If you usually find CCM a little syrupy for your tastes, I think you’d like Adie’s CD for its sincerity and overall musical quality.

If you’re interested, you can catch clips of Just You & Me on Amazon.  I’d highly recommend this CD if you’re looking for some new music!

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