Win Friends and Influence People – A Creative Contest

To kick things off this week I thought I would run a contest.  This is not your normal, run-of-the-mill contest (although I’ve got a few of those lined up for upcoming weeks with great prizes, stay tuned), this is a contest that gives you a chance to get your blog, website, Etsy store, eBay page, post series, product, business, e-book, regular book, Twitter feed or WHATEVER you want to promote featured in the ad section on A Spirited Mind as well as displayed in a post for all to see and read about.

Here’s how it works:

You may have noticed that I have ad space in my sidebar on the new blog.  I would love for your button to run there, FOR FREE, for one entire month. To participate, email me (put “contest” in the subject line) before noon Friday, March 12 with:

  • two to three sentences describing your blog, store, product, or what-have-you and why you think A Spirited Mind readers would want to check it out
  • the link to your site
  • a 125 x 125 button as you’d like it to appear in the ad section – you can make a button in your photo editor pretty easily if you don’t already have one

On Friday afternoon I will use a random number generator to select THREE winning buttons to display for a month in the sidebar.  I will also post a picture of your button and the two to three sentences you wrote about your blog or product and why you think we’d like it. That’s a lot of exposure for free!

If you don’t win the first contest, save your button because depending on the response I might run the contest again later.

I’d love it if you would enter, and tell your friends and relatives and neighbors and strangers in the checkout line at the supermarket to enter as well. The contest is open to anyone, although I do reserve the right to disqualify entries if the button, product or website is not family friendly.

Separate from this contest, but related, I’m also offering paid ad spots in the sidebar if you’d rather skip the contest thing.  Since I just migrated the blog and don’t have a stat record yet, I’m offering spots at VERY low rates.  Please email me if you’re interested.

Disclosure: I was inspired by The World’s Strongest Librarian to hold an advertising contest after reading about it on ProBlogger.

9 thoughts on “Win Friends and Influence People – A Creative Contest

  1. I emailed you and am currently begging and pleading my daughter (who just happens to be going to college into computer graphics) to make me a button.

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