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It’s a beautiful weekend here so I hope you’re outside enjoying the spring weather, but in case you have some time on your hands, here are some links you might find interesting:

  • Have you been seeing all the white slipcovered sofas around the design blogs lately (like this post by The Nester)?  I visited my friend Ainsley this summer and I can attest that she appeared totally zen about her white slipcovers even as my kids toddled around with blueberry muffin stained fingers poised to leave marks.  Maybe she’s just a spectacularly good hostess, or maybe white slipcovers really CAN be tossed in the wash with some bleach.  In any case, I really like the look, and found the above sofa from Ikea that would fit perfectly in my living room (at least it would after I get around to painting it).  So if you’re out garage saling this spring and spot a white couch like this, please call me.  I’m not kidding.
  • Femina had a good article on the perils of having principles without grace“The Bible is full of commands for us to obey, but without the grace to do them, we just load ourselves up with impossible to-do lists accompanied by large doses of guilt.” I’m reading a book right now called Grace-Based Parenting that similarly points out that without grace we all too easily veer into legalism or permissiveness.  More on the book next week.
  • The mom behind Vita Familiae has five kids aged 6 and under.  If she can make healthy artisan bread in five minutes a day, I’m sure I can make the time.  After reading her review, I immediately put the books she mentioned on hold at the library (and there is a long wait list – evidently I’m not the only one who’s intrigued by the concept!).
  • While we’re on the topic of dessert for breakfast, I’m also intrigued by the Breakfast Cookies from Good (&Cheap) Eats.  I will probably leave out the chocolate chips, but only because I can’t be trusted to keep chocolate chips in the house.  Even if I hide them in the freezer.  Because I always tell myself exactly where they are.
  • From Writer Unboxed: “Frequently the only difference between a hero and a villain is that, although the same thing happened to each, one created an explanatory story that lead them to altruistic or productive action and the other to destructive action.” True in writing and in life.  You don’t always have a choice about your circumstances, but you do have a choice about how you’ll respond.
  • Look at how cute this spring tree craft Heather L. made with her children (photo is Heather’s)!  Since I got a 50 pound bag of popping corn from Sam’s Club a few months ago (insanely cheap to buy it that way, if you like popcorn and don’t mind popping it on the stovetop) we have popcorn for afternoon snack a lot, so I think one day this week we will make some trees like this.

What were your favorite posts or articles from around the internet this week?

One thought on “Weekend Links

  1. It’s true! Just toss those white slipcovers in the wash!
    I’m making popcorn for snack .
    Bread making books on hold at the library (I’m #38 in the queue).

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