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About a week and a half ago the kids and I began our latest science/gardening experiment: this year we are trying to grow tomato plants from seed. We bought a packet of tomato seeds that promised “up to 40 plants.”  That’s a fairly safe promise if you think about it, because even if you get no plants at all they are still covered!  We used egg cartons to plant six dozen seeds.  We watered them.  We put them in what limited sunlight there is this time of year in Indiana.  We waited and waited and waited.

And then…at last…some of the seed sprouted! We were so excited to see the little sprouts peeking up out of the soil!  Jack wanted to go ahead and eat the plants now, but I explained that if we wait a bit we might actually get a tomato from one.  And if we can wait even longer, unlike last summer when two children habitually ate the green tomatoes straight off the plants, we might even get RED tomatoes!

So far we have counted 12 little sprouts like the one shown above.  We hope they keep growing strong and give us a nice garden in a few months!

We’ve been reading books like The Carrot Seed and A Seed Is Sleepy and Lily’s Garden to help us understand the gardening and seed sprouting process.  If you have small children and plan to garden, I’d highly recommend those titles for their illustrations and explanations.

If you garden, have you ever started seeds indoors?

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6 thoughts on “Tomato Sprouts

  1. We are also doing a inspired gardening project and growing plants from seeds. A few weeks ago we planted lavendar, onions, chives, and oregano. The oregano, onions and chives are doing wonderful. The lavendar is okey. Hopefully it will start growing better with the warmer weather and sunlight. Today we are planting the rest of our seeds (tomotoes included). Menards has the hanging tomato planters on sale this week for $5 I think after a rebate. Have you ever tried one of those? We need to save room in our garden and last year the tomatoes completely took over! Thanks for the book recommendations – we’ll have to check those out.

  2. I love gardening! Was unable to start my seeds in door this year, but I did try to start them last year. Was a very cool learning experience. Intend to try again next year. Doing “winter sowing” this year. (A post to come on that later.)

  3. Try starting pumpkins/squash/cucumber next time. They seem to ‘get started’ a bit quicker than tomatoes plus the seeds are larger for little fingers! My grandmother always let us plant radishes in her flower beds, radishes are almost instant gratification.

  4. Thank you for recommending book titles for preschoolers regarding gardening. I have decided to try my hand at gardening this year. I recently bought several packets of a variety of seeds and some starter pellets for planting. I wasn’t really sure when to get them all started though. I’m excited to look for the books you mentioned though as I was looking for ways to get my 3 yr old involved in the process in a meaningful way.

  5. Hi Catherine,
    I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and have been enjoying your posts ever since. I too have three little ones, a 33 month old daughter, and twin 18 month old daughters. My husband and I have started talking about homeschooling, but we will need to do more research. We also live in Indiana (Bloomington)!

    I just love getting ideas from you and all the other great creative moms out there. My almost 3 year old and I planted some basil and tomatoes from seeds. It was great to see her get so excited when they sprouted and to have her enjoy helping in the garden. We also enjoyed many of the books you suggested about gardening (love the library!). A book that our neighbor let us borrow, Planting a Rainbow, by Lois Ehlert, was probably our favorite gardening book. Thought I would pass the title on to you.

    Thanks again!

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