St. Patrick’s Day Tragicomedy

Inspired by my friend Amy K’s list of fun things to do for St. Patrick’s Day, the kids and I set out to have a great morning adventure.  Dressed in green, we first went to Home Depot to find a paint color that would look good with Jack’s new big boy bedroom.  While looking at the paint chips, I saw a display of Disney paint where the color swatches were shaped like Mickey Mouse heads.  I handed one to each child.

In a dazzling display of pop culture illiteracy, Hannah said, “Oh look!  It’s a water molecule!”

The kind Home Depot paint man offered the kids each a sticker.  Hannah and Jack politely accepted, but Sarah threw her hairbow at the poor man and shouted “Ya ya ya!” at him.  We beat a hasty retreat.

Next we decided to take Josh to lunch at McDonalds and get Shamrock shakes as Amy suggested.  Sadly Josh was busy working on a project and couldn’t spare the time to take a lunch break, but we were able to tour his office.  While we were there Sarah began to wail dramatically and one of Josh’s colleagues was on a conference call so we left there in a hurry too.

On the way home we stopped at McDonalds.  We so rarely go out to eat that McDonalds is a HUGE deal.  Hannah can count the number of times we’ve been on one hand, and one of those times she was in utero.  Whenever we pass it, Hannah says, “That’s the McDonalds where I went in my Mama’s tummy!”  As we pulled into the parking lot, Jack announced that he had to go to the bathroom.  “OK, Buddy.” I said, “Just hold it until we get inside McDonalds, all right?”

“Dat’s OK, Mama.” Jack replied.  “You don’t have to take me to da baffroom, I already went!”

Mamas who have gone through potty training know how excited I was at the prospect of a wet carseat.  Fortunately I had a change of clothes for him in the diaper bag, so after getting Jack in dry clothes we went in to place our order.  I got each kid a hamburger and got a large diet Coke for myself, plus a large Shamrock shake I figured we could split.  The cashier also gave us three free ice creams someone had forgotten to pick up. 

Everyone enjoyed their burgers, except for Sarah who tossed hers on the floor with dramatic contempt.  That was $1 well spent.  The kids sort of ate the free ice creams, but after we nibbled at two of them we were not hungry anymore and didn’t even touch the shake.  By this point it was well past naptime and Sarah and Jack were in full meltdown mode.  The kindly cashier gave me a carrying box for my drink and the shake and I wedged the remaining ice cream sundae in there too before hauling the drink box, the diaper bag, and two overtired kiddos who had gone boneless at the prospect of leaving McDonalds out to the parking lot.

At last we made it into the car and I peeled out of the parking lot making the sharp right hand turn onto the road home.  It took me a few seconds to realize that the turn had capsized the drink caddy.  By the time I righted it, the van was flooded with diet coke and Shamrock shake (see photo at top of post).  Fortunately Jack had started the morning by bringing the newspaper in the car with him and strewing it all over the backseat, so the papers had caught most of the mess, but it’s still pretty nasty.

What a morning!  The kids are sleeping now and I have to say that in spite of the craziness and in spite of the fact that I am not at all Irish, I do feel lucky to be able to spend my days with this little crew!  There is never a dull moment and they keep me on my toes!

What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day?

6 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Tragicomedy

  1. Oh, I’m sorry, Catherine! If it makes you feel better, your post is funny! I love these two phrases: “in a dazzling display of pop cultural illiteracy” and “two overtired kids who had gone boneless.” (My girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that book!)

    As for St. Patrick’s Day fun, we made a cake. That’s it. 🙂

  2. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry! I did find myself laughing-only because I’ve been there too many time myself. As I get older, I am looking at these crisis moments as tests from God. Tests to see if I can remain Christlike in adverse situations. Honestly, I usually lose it. But I will continue to perservere!

  3. Sounds so much like my days at home with the kids. And what is it about McDonalds that causes children to become enthralled with it? I once took Dylan to McDonalds (he can probably count the times he’s been there on two hands) after a doctors appointment and now everytime we leave the doctors or even drive down that road (which unfortunately happens to be maple ave) I hear, “Mom-my, can, we please, go to Mc-Don-alds?”

    For St. Patty’s Day we made green Jell-o (thought I was making finger Jell-o but forgot the recipe is different than regular Jell-o) and cut shamrocks out of green construction paper and wrote our names on them and put them on our door. And by “we” I mean Mommy while Dylan stirred the Jell-o for about 5 seconds and later saw what I was doing with the green construction paper and ran out of the room.

  4. Went to Meijer and, for the first time, got one of the tv carts. Well apparantly, if you use them for too long, they lock up on you, and guess what girls…I was in Meijer with a cart heaping over ( those tv carts do not hold as much as a regular cart!), 2 crying children, 2 relestless children (4 total), and I had just paid when the cart locked up and I was stuck!!!! The cashier was just looking at me trying to maneuver this froze up giant cart, and the lady behind me was getting inpatient. Suddenly, my 3 yr old decided my 1 year wanted out, opened the door on the blasted thing, and she came tumbling out of the cart!(apparantly she was leaning on the door) I was as close as you can get to a mommy meltdown at that point, when out of nowhere an older gentleman comes over to help me. He went and got me a regular cart and I transered all groceries plus 1 toddler into the new cart and finally got to leave. He was my angel sent from heaven and I hope the Lord blesses him immensely for his kindness! The moral of the story is leave the tv carts alone and thank you so much for inquiring about other mommies st patty’s day! Its nice to know there are others enjoying this crazy and blessed life as much as me!!!!!

    1. Good to know about those TV carts. I skip those because of the size constraints. I like those huge carts with the extra two seats in back. Kind of difficult to steer though. I’m sorry you had such a wild time! What a nice man to help you like that – I hope I remember to be kind to mothers when I’m older!

  5. Oh Catherine! The nice thing about blogs is that we can laugh someday at how frantic parenting can be sometimes. I think our kids will at least remember that we tried to make life special, and that will be what ultimately matters, right? 🙂

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