She’s a Little Bit Teeny

Sarah had her 15 month well baby check-up this week and in addition to being in good health and on track developmentally we found out that she’s 29 1/2 inches tall (25th percentile) and weighs 20 pounds (10th percentile).  So she’s a little bit teeny, and I’m OK with that for the following reasons:

  • With no new baby on the horizon, I’m happy that Sarah is still kind of baby-sized and little.
  • She’s very easy to tote around because she’s super light and compact.
  • She can still sit in her infant car seat until she’s 22 pounds, so we can put off buying a new car seat for a few more growth spurts.  Since they say you should replace infant seats every five years, this way we’re getting a LOT of mileage out of ours before we have to get rid of it.

I’m trying to be more mindful of enjoying the kids at their various stages, and I’m definitely loving Sarah’s sweet tininess at the moment!

4 thoughts on “She’s a Little Bit Teeny

  1. I have 2 “little bit teeny” kids. Actually, my son is a lot teeny, staying between 1-3% for weight and 3-5% for height for the majority of his life (he is about to turn 4). My 2 year old daughter is about like your daughter, 15% weight and 25% height. God makes all of us unique and no growth chart can possibly account for all of the wonderful variations that He planned. It still gives us mothers another reason to worry. I always try to focus on the blessing of having 2 healthy children. By the way, your daughter is super cute.

  2. I just had my 12 month old at the doctor today and he only weighs 17 lbs, the 3rd percentile. The doctor said he’s fine and very healthy. If you don’t mind me asking, what were your kids’ favorite foods (specifically finger foods) at this age?

    1. Morgan, my policy for baby food and finger food is that the baby or toddler eats what the rest of us are eating (within reason). This is probably due in large part to the fact that I had three kids in under three years, but I have never had the extra grocery budget or time to make separate meals or snacks for the littlest. I just chop or mash whatever the family is having for the baby. What foods are favorites depends on how many teeth are in play. When Sarah is teething, she likes soft food like bananas, or cold food like apples that she can gnaw on (I give her a small whole apple so she can just gnaw off a tiny bit at a time, and obviously I watch her with it so she doesn’t choke, but she never has). I try not to do sugar or sweets much for anyone in the family, but especially not for the baby, unless it’s a special occasion. Oh, and I always use plain whole milk yogurt for the kids. If you start them on it early, you’ll never have to resort to flavored sweetened yogurt, and plain yogurt is much healthier. I don’t know if that helps, but I hope it does!

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