Pigtail Day (for the girls anyway)

Today Hannah asked for pigtails because, as she said, “Playgroup has never seen me in pigtails.”  Certainly we must keep the playgroup apprised of any and all hairstyle developments!  I’m sure the kids were all wowed.  After she got her pigtails and hair clips in, Hannah decided Sarah needed pigtails too.  In case you’re wondering, it’s ridiculously hard to get a 14 month old to stand still long enough to part her hair and put in pigtails, but if we must, we must.

Sarah was not interested in smiling for the camera this morning, but I can assure you that she looked adorable with her little hairbows.

Although his hair is way too long right now, Jack did not participate in pigtail day.  He needs a haircut, but I want to take him to a professional this time since when I cut it, it looks like the poor child tangled with a weed whacker.  I was hoping to put this off a few weeks so that he’ll look cute at Easter, but we shall see.

3 thoughts on “Pigtail Day (for the girls anyway)

  1. I don’t know how you feel about short hairstyles for boys, but in lieu of taking Sam to a professional to get his hair cut I splurged and bought some clippers. Now I can cut Tim’s hair, too. I personally like bowl cuts on boys but Sam hair wasn’t growing into a bowl cut — it was just a mullet. So clearly something had to be done.

    Anyway, the pigtails were very cute today! I’m really sorry that Sam clobbered Sarah.

    1. That’s ok, Alissa, Sarah is used to getting clobbered. 🙂

      We actually already own clippers, because I cut Josh’s hair, but I’m not sure I am ready for Jack to have short hair…it’s so cute on Sam, but Jack has a very round head and I’m afraid it would make him look like Charlie Brown. Plus he still has the little curls and I am loathe to get them cut off…but I may change my mind as he grows.

  2. I am so jealous of you and pigtails day! While Morgan’s hair technically is long enough (when it is wet and un-curled) she absolutely hates to have it put up, and I can’t force myself to do what I want over the tears of my wailing child. But trust me, I have tried!

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