In case an electrical storm wipes out the internet…read this first

Now don’t go all War of the Worlds on me, but HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING if an electrical storm threatened to take out the internet forever, here’s what I would I would want you to know before your computer got Kentucky fried:

Read (Books). I know what you’re thinking: without the internet how will I know how I stack up against Supermom?  Who will tell me how to raise my kids?  How can I understand current events? What will I make for dinner?  Fret not, you can learn these things and more from actual books.  In fact, even if the internet doesn’t collapse, I’d still recommend reading widely to keep your mind sharp and expand your world.

Raise your Ebenezers. Ebenezer means “stone of help” and refers to a large monument honoring the blessings of the past and pointing to future redemption.  In the midst of the Sisyphean tasks of life it’s important to maintain your sense of purpose and gratitude.  I love that blogging helps me document what I’m thinking or learning when I feel overwhelmed by the mundane details of life.  Whether you blog or not, find a way to mark your path so you can see where you’ve come from and where you’re going.

Use the good stuff. Serve that casserole on your wedding chinaWear your cashmere sweater even if the baby still spits up.  Sleep on the monogrammed sheets.  Let your daughters play in nice dresses.  Read paper books to your toddler.  Don’t hoard it, enjoy it!

And finally, in the last few seconds before the internet blinks out:

Set goals, but don’t forget to live deeply where you are right now.

You can enter the Mabel’s Labels BlogHer ’10 Contest too.  What would you tell us if lightening was about to strike?

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