Developmental Milestone Surprise

Hannah has known how to write her letters (sort of) for a while now, and often asks me to write something so she can trace it.  She calls this “homework” because she saw something about homework on Veggie Tales and thought she should have some too.  I had never seen her write a word other than her name all by herself until the other day.

While on the phone with my aunt I learned that she had gotten some bad news, and after I hung up Hannah asked if Tanty (that’s what the kids call her) was sad and if she could make a card for Tanty.  I folded up some construction paper and Hannah asked how to spell Tanty.  After I spelled it out for her, I left her with the colored pencils and expected she would just draw on the rest of the card, or maybe write her name.

Instead, when I came back, I found that Hannah had written three sentences!  I know other kids her age do things like this, but it’s the first time Hannah has ever tried spelling so many words all by herself.  She actually spelled them fairly well, considering that she just turned four in January.  You can tell which phonics lessons we have had and which we have not had by her letter choices!  Here is what she wrote:

Tanty i lov yoo

im yor frnd

Plez dot cri

and she signed her name on the back.  Translation: Tanty, I love you.  I’m your friend.  Please don’t cry.

Then the next day Hannah wrote a note to my parents saying “i lov yoo see yoo naxt sumr.”  It seems like this just came out of the blue and it’s very exciting.  She’s thrilled and I’m thrilled for her.

One of my favorite things about parenting is seeing kids turn corners like this.  It’s so awesome to see them learn a new skill or grasp a new concept, isn’t it?

8 thoughts on “Developmental Milestone Surprise

  1. Her handwriting may be better than mine! I am prejudiced, but what a child. Neat that she can surprise with her writing, but even neater that she wanted to express her sympathy.

  2. Catherine – I showed this to my mom, who is an early childhood development expert, and she said this was an example of “Late Invented Spelling” (a good thing) that some preschoolers do, but was more typical of kindergarten development. Sounds like Hannah’s really coming along!

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