All in a night’s work

Don’t laugh, but for some reason I thought I could paint my son’s room in a few hours after the kids went to bed for the night.  Ha ha.

And ha again for emphasis.

After three hours of painting I have the ceiling, baseboards, window, closet, door and outlets outlined.  Fortunately my husband was home to referee the circus that ensued when we put all three kids in the same room at bed time!

Now I’m realizing that this job is going to require painting tomorrow night too.  Which means no place for Jack to nap tomorrow.  And another night of the kids in the same room.  And that’s assuming the paint dries quickly enough for Jack to nap in the newly painted room on Thursday.


On a positive note, I think the color is looking good.  It’s a very pale celery shade of green, to match Jack’s new Noah’s Ark animal type bedding.

So definitely I bit off more than I can chew with this project, especially since we have less than two weeks until Easter and I have to finish the kids’ outfits.  But tackling projects with unrealistic optimism is fairly characteristic for me.  If you ever decide to write a tragedy about me, you can make that my fatal flaw.  Not that tragic, really, and far from the worst of my flaws, but it will be less embarrassing than if you write a tragedy about something worse.

In other news, I started a Facebook page for A Spirited Mind and I’d love for you to join it if you are on Facebook. In addition to posts from the blog, I’ll also put up additional topics and links and might occasionally do a Facebook-fan-only giveaway.  You can join by visiting the Facebook page (or typing in directly) and clicking the “Become a Fan” button.

2 thoughts on “All in a night’s work

  1. The color looks great and it’s good you are doing the edging first so you don’t get the roller to close to the ceiling 🙂 Jack is a lucky boy, even if he does have to nap somewhere else today!

  2. Just realized Facebook is blocked from all the computers in the building so I guess I’ll have to sign up from home!

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