Walk This Way, Sarah

Heads up: you may want to mute your computer before attempting to watch this video. The kids’ Veggie Tales CD was on really loudly and my voice sounds weird. Seriously, do I sound like that in real life? Anyway, the point is, for the past few weeks Sarah has been taking some steps here and there, more and more each day, until finally today I decided she was walking more often than not, so I’m calling it.

It’s strange how kids learn to walk differently. Hannah started walking out of nowhere: all of a sudden one day she walked across a room and the next day she was running and carrying toy baskets around. Then Jack was a stealth walker and would only walk if he thought no one could see him. I think he might have been afraid that if he walked we would stop carrying him around. I was so glad when he finally started walking because I was 8 months pregnant with Sarah at that point.

While Sarah makes a cute toddler, I’m not the mom I was when Hannah was little, always chomping at the bit for the next stage to hurry up and start. I’m glad Sarah is still kind of tiny: she’s 18 pounds now but that’s fairly small and babylike, right?

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