Tutus, Coffee, and Extra Burdens – Weekend Links

How can you see such a fantastic birthday party invitation and NOT want to have some little girls around? Melissa Lester is an amazingly creative mom with great ideas for making life special. This week she had posts on these tutu invitations, how to make a tutu, and having a ballet lesson as part of a birthday party. Definitely check out her blog!

Note: the photo at left is Melissa’s, and is included in this post with her permission because I wanted y’all to see how cute it is!

Some excellent words from Femina:

…We ought to keep from laying heavy burdens on our consciences that God did not mean for us to bear… Don’t assume that you are a lousy Christian if you are feeling weary, lonely, or sad. These feelings are not sinful in themselves. We are to steward these feelings by the grace of God, make the most of our afflictions, and turn a profit on them by faith. But one of the things that will hinder that process is imposing a false standard on ourselves and then grieving over our inability to attain to it.

You’ll want to read the whole article.

Please tell me that Josh and I are not the only ones who think this poster is hilarious? Or maybe we just have odd senses of humor, in which case how lucky for us that we found each other. I saw the poster on Joy’s Hope but she found it on Etsy. If Josh ever gets a proper home office, I’m going to get this framed for him.

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