Swagbucks – You DO Use Swagbucks, Right?

Swagbucks did a site upgrade today in honor of their birthday, and they are releasing lots of codes worth points so if you’re not a member, today would be a great day to join!

If you have already signed up for Swagbucks but haven’t been using it for some reason, this would be a good day to get back into it.

Swagbucks, in case you aren’t familiar with it, is a search engine page whereby you accumulate points for doing your regular web searches. You can redeem your points for prizes or gift cards (I always redeem mind for $5 Amazon gift cards) or even cash via PayPal.

I mention this program for two reasons. One, for purposes of full disclosure, I get some points when people sign up through my referral link. But also, and more importantly, because the program WORKS. Last year I earned enough Amazon cards from Swagbucks to purchase a Nikon D60. That’s a pretty sweet prize for searching the web, I’d say. I accumulated the points by having a few friends sign up under me (thank you!) and I downloaded the toolbar and use it daily for web searches and the points racked up pretty fast.

People have pointed out that the first few search returns on a Swagbucks search might be sponsored links. Because Google and Ask.com drive the search results on Swagbucks, I’d venture to guess that the top returns are still in line with what you searched, and personally I don’t mind scrolling down past the first few returns to find what I’m looking for because other search engines don’t pay me to search. You may feel differently about that, but I’d encourage you to give Swagbucks a try anyway because free money is free money. If you don’t need free money, please send it my way!

If you have tried Swagbucks, what do you like best about it? What is the best prize you’ve gotten? What do you think of the new upgraded site?

Note: if you click on any of the Swagbucks links above you’ll be taken to a page where you can sign up. Again, for purposes of disclosure, I do get points when you sign up through the link, but YOU also get 300 points, and that’s a good start!

5 thoughts on “Swagbucks – You DO Use Swagbucks, Right?

  1. How do you get your Amazon cash? I've "cashed" in Swagbucks but never gotten a code or e-mail or anything from them….thereby losing $10 in Amazon gift cards.

  2. What is Swagbucks' purpose? Are they tracking people's searches to make search engines more fluid? Or seeing what people are actually looking at to provide a wider array of options that they pull up? Or…?

    I like the idea of earning $$, but feel inherently suspicious of participating in something that gives advertisers more leverage. I'm not sure that is the purpose, but this girl is mighty gun-shy if it even seems to fall in that arena.

  3. Jennifer, you should have gotten an email from them where you had to confirm your order. Then you go to your account, click "My gift cards" and the code is there. Go to your Amazon account and log in and you can add the code to your Amazon account, then mark it used in Swagbucks. Email me if you can't get that to work and I'll email you more.

    a. borealis, I think SB makes their money via advertising. As for aggregate data from searching, the biggest offender there obviously is Google. Any time you use a google product or search on google they are building a profile on you. I figure I'd rather give that juice to a company that pays me for it rather than giving it to google for free. That said, I'm not CERTAIN Swagbucks isn't collecting ad data on searches, you could email them about it, but I AM certain Google does it. That's one way they give you targeted ads on your gmail account, blogger, and everything else they own. Facebook does it too. I don't know if that answered your question? In short, I figure anything I say online is going to be mined, so I try to be careful about what I say and I try to get paid for it when I can!

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