Ideas, Parties, Deep Thoughts and Tutus – Links You Can Use

So much cuteness, so little time

  • I’m thinking of making Hannah and Sarah matching tutu t-shirts for Valentine’s day. Then I will have to make Jack a special outfit too, but how to make a manly Valentine’s Day shirt? Hm.
  • When the girls are somewhere in the 6-9 age range, I will have to throw them a sewing birthday party. Seriously, how cute are the invites?

Things to think about

For parents with daughters and/or toddlers

  • “One of the common ways that mothers fail their daughters is to load them down with criticism.” from Femina
  • “Patience is not ‘putting up with’.” There is a difference between being patient and letting things go until things are really unbearable for everyone. “A patient mother is a faithful mother.” Lots to think about.

Problems! And solutions!

Is this possible????

Cool things

  • I, who never win anything, won TWO things lately! Woot! I won a $25 American Express gift card from the #savvyblogging Twitter party (don’t forget to follow me!) and then I won an amazing nine piece Wilton ultragold cake pan set from LifeAsMom! I’m SO excited about it!
  • Further cool things are afoot. I’m getting ready to migrate my blog (again) to self-hosted Word Press for a number of reasons but hopefully it will make my site easier to read and navigate. And yes, I realize that I just lost a ton of readers by changing my URL to and now I’m going to change it AGAIN to, but I hope y’all will come along with me! I’ll keep you posted on the details and timetable so you’ll know where I am.

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