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I keep track of links and pictures I want to save via Evernote, a free online bookmarking service (they also have a free smartphone app). I like being able to highlight a picture or particular quote and then categorize it so I can find it later.

The picture at left has nothing to do with Evernote, I just think it’s cute. Thanks to my aunt Fran for sending the kids bunny ears!

Below are some of the most recent entries in my Evernote files for your perusal:

  • How smart is this mudroom organization? I love the little baskets hung up on command hooks so that hats and gloves stay sorted. It looks much better than MY system, which is to have huge bags full of orphaned gloves and mittens perched precariously on the top shelf of our hall closet.
  • I think this wreath would get bedraggled pretty quickly on my front door, but it’s so pretty for spring, isn’t it? I really need to re-do my wreath. I still have the Christmas one up. I’m very pathetic. My only consolation is that it doesn’t look SO bad since we have lots of snow on the ground still. I just hope birds haven’t built a nest in there this year. I’m a little nervous about that, since they built a nest in my wreath in 2006 and again in 2008, so if it’s an every two years thing, we’re due.
  • I had no idea making paste was so easy! Why would you ever buy glue again? Speaking of paste, that reminds me of one time my mom took us to Mothers Day Out and the kids were eating the paste during craft time. Because I was a tattletale I tattled to the teacher about it. She said, “That’s ok, there’s not enough for everyone anyway.” I didn’t really know what to do with that information but it seemed weird so I went and hid in a cubby hole until my mom came back. Fortunately she didn’t take us back there again. Anyway, if only that teacher had known how simple it is to make paste there would have been MORE than enough for everyone, with leftovers for snacktime!
  • Apparently I’m obsessed with children’s birthday parties, but how adorable is this bumble bee party?
  • This mama has amazing photography skills and so much wisdom about life and motherhood. From a post this week: “Divorce yourself if you want to be a good mom. Not begrudgingly. Not oh pity, pity me type stuff. Not even for the sake of feeling good about yourself, your selflessness being a pat on the back of goodness and thus giving a short-lived dose of affirmation…Motherhood isn’t grand in and of itself. It’s not holy. Nope, it’s not. You won’t get to heaven because you were a mother, and you don’t get brownie points for having more than two kids…But what is grand is doing whatever it is God has called you do and doing it selflessly for His glory and for the love of others. That kind of stuff isn’t for cowards.”

I hope you all have a delightful weekend!

One thought on “For Your Perusal

  1. Thanks for this!! I don't know where I've been, but I didn't know a place like this existed. Ryan saw my bookmarks the other day and almost passed out. He couldn't believe that I had that many bookmarks. I'll look at this a little closer and hopefully it will help me. 🙂

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