The Week in Books 2010, No. 4

I am grateful to Heather L for her recommendation of A Year in Provence. Peter Mayle’s description of how he and his wife acclimated during their first year after moving from England to France is hilarious, fascinating, and guaranteed to make you hungry. This book made me want to learn French (beyond my pitiful grade school knowledge) so I could visit Provence and enjoy the scene. And the food. If you like food, and/or have even a modicum of a sense of humor, you will love this book and I heartily recommend it. I will warn you that it does not contain recipes, but you can find those elsewhere.

As an aside, if you were choosing a second modern language to teach to your children, would you teach them French or Spanish, and why?

The Biblestudy I attend has been working through Beth Moore’s excellent study on the life of Christ, Jesus, the One & Only and I finished this week. Beth Moore’s studies include five days of personal Biblestudy per session, and then ideally you’d meet with a group to discuss what you learned and watch a video of Beth Moore delving into the topics further. I’ve done Beth Moore studies in the past and have been impressed with her thorough use of Scripture and her insights. I learned a lot and was challenged by this study as with the others, but I thought the best part was Beth Moore’s talks. I’m sorry that the other studies I did didn’t include that part. I think you could do this study on your own and get a lot out of it, but it would be best done with a group Biblestudy.

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2 thoughts on “The Week in Books 2010, No. 4

  1. I loved that book too. He made everything sound delightful even when you knew it wasn’t.

    On the question of language, I think it depends on where you live. Right now we’re in Texas. Spanish would come in handy. We lived in France for a year. French would’ve been helpful there. Supposedly, once you learn one romantic language the others are easier. I do know that Spanish is much more consistent than either French or, of course, English. (I’m not sure if that makes it more helpful though.)

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