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I must say it’s exceptionally difficult to take a picture of oneself in the bathroom mirror.  If you’re thinking, “wow, Catherine looks EXHAUSTED” that is only because I was up SIX times last night with Jack and once with Sarah, and that is about how it’s been for the past few weeks since the kids have been sick.  I’m trying to keep a stiff upper lip.
So anyway, it’s exceptionally difficult to take a picture of oneself in a mirror, as the 100+ tries on my camera will attest.  Thank goodness it’s digital!  It is also exceptionally difficult for me to fix my hair after I got a new haircut on Tuesday, hence the belated pictorial update.  I went to the Aveda training salon on a recommendation from Amy (thanks Amy!) and was overall quite impressed with the experience.  I left my house at noon for a 12:30 appointment, left the salon FIVE HOURS LATER and got home at 6pm.  Thank goodness for an understanding mother-in-law!  Sarah was rather frantic, since, as Hannah pointed out, “Grammy doesn’t nurse babies even though she’s an adult lady.”  Still, I thought the time and attention the trainees and their teachers took was nice.  Since I have had my haircut at Great Clips (only with a coupon) or cut it myself (yes, really!) for the past few years, I enjoyed the attention to detail.
The haircut itself involves a lot of layers and some sort of special rounded cut that was supposed to help my very wavy and thick hair be less ebullient.  The entire time I was there the girl cutting my hair kept pulling all her friends over, “Can you BELIEVE how thick her hair is!?  Look how much hair she has!”
I was sort of on the fence about getting highlights, because I like my regular color, but I have started to see a few grey hairs here and there and it drives me crazy.  I don’t want to pluck them because the one worse thing than being grey at 31 is being grey and BALD at 31.  The instructor thought I was nuts because she could only find two greys so she talked me in to just getting a “tone” instead of full highlights.  I do think the tone thing blended the greys nicely and doesn’t make too startling of a contrast with my regular hair.  I’m not sure I’ll go for that next time.  Or I might go for regular highlights, who knows.

When they fixed my hair before I left, they used a straightening iron so my hair was CRAZY straight.  It was very modern looking, but I felt like it was a little too severe for me.  I got a straightening iron at CVS this week since I had a bunch of extra bucks expiring, so I have experimented with that the past few days and I can’t seem to get the hang of it.  I feel like it makes my ends look fried or something.  Today I did the straightening and then used the curling iron on the ends to soften it up a bit.  Sadly now I think it just looks like my old haircut.  Also I can’t figure out how to make the bangs go right.  Thoughts?

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