Happy 4th Birthday Hannah!

I am amazed at how quickly Hannah went from our tiny first baby to a big girl of four years old, and at the same time when I remember first meeting her it seems like eons ago. Hannah is such a fun and interesting person, and finds new ways to amaze me just about every day.
I love the joy Hannah finds in discovering new things, playing make believe, reading books, and being around other people. I love her funny sayings and the way she looks at the world and makes hilarious observations about everyday things. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and her willingness to help, and I admire her independence, although sometimes I worry that I expect too much from her. Being the firstborn, Hannah is our guinea pig as we try to figure out what works and what doesn’t work in this parenting gig. She takes it all in stride and is really adaptable. She is a bright little girl who is passionate about all sorts of things and throws herself into projects and play and learning new things with abandon. She is a good sister to Jack and Sarah and has grown and matured in many ways over the past year. The difference between a three year old and a four year old is huge.
Last night before she went to bed Hannah curled up on my lap and cuddled with me for a while. She’s never been super into cuddling, I think her love language is more words of encouragement and quality time, but she still needs lots of hugs and kisses. The times when I just stop and hold her on my lap remind me that she’s still a very small girl, even though, as she likes to remind us, she’s the biggest kid at OUR house. She is a sweet girl and I’m so blessed to be able to hang out with her every day.
I’m so proud of how much Hannah has learned and how far she has come this year. I feel like the next four years will go even faster, and I’m excited to see Hannah grow, but I also want to be deliberate about holding on to each day and seeing it as a gift. Today: a newly four year old girl running up to give me a hug and say “I love my mama!”, a silly girl who cracks herself up into contagious belly laughs, our sweet first baby now not a baby or a toddler anymore. We love you precious girl! Happy Birthday!

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