Cooking Like The Pioneer Woman

After my review of The Pioneer Woman Cooks, I thought I should let you know how a few of the recipes turned out. Several of the recipes are available online at The Pioneer Woman site, so I’ll link them in case you’re interested in trying for yourself.

Basic Breakfast Potatoes – we thought the Basic Breakfast Potatoes were very good, although to be honest we used most of them in the Breakfast Burritos. I used regular baking potatoes instead of red ones, because baking potatoes were 30 cents a pound at Meijer last week.

Breakfast Burritos – the Breakfast Burritos were quite tasty, although since we are not riding the range all day around here I only put half as much sausage in as the recipe calls for, and cut down on some other stuff too. I will say that these recipes are not for dieters!

Cinnamon Rolls – Apparently Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls are among the most famous on the internet. They were very good. I only made half the recipe (seriously, I do not need 50 cinnamon rolls around my house!) and then should have made only a quarter recipe of the filling because it was way too much. I wound up with three pans of cinnamon rolls, one of which I gave to my in-laws.

Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes – the premise of these pancakes was odd to me: using one cup of sour cream but only 7 Tablespoons of flour? They came out all right, but I’m not sure I would make these again.

Mocha Brownies – don’t tell, but I used my own brownie recipe (which I got from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) and just put half of PW’s mocha icing on top. I’m not sure how you could even possibly want the whole icing recipe, because even half adds about 3/4 inch of icing to the top of the brownie! The good thing about frosting your brownies is that you eat one and you are DONE. At least I am. My husband thinks it’s better to eat three. I told him he’s going to be hating life when they have to amputate his feet while he’s in a diabetic coma from eating three frosted brownies in one sitting, but did he listen? No. So far he still has his feet, against all odds.

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