Birthday girl

Let’s face it: every girl needs a Red Velvet cake for her birthday. Hannah was SO excited about her cake. I love that the cake batter was the same color as her sweater!
After baking and frosting and covering the cake in marshmallow fondant (yes, every occasion cake I make from now on is going to involve fondant – that stuff is AMAZING and super easy to make) I thought it turned out all right but not fantastic. For example, it looks like I wrote “Hannah is 41” not “Hannah is 4!” as I intended. But no matter, Hannah liked the flowers and butterflies.
The girls were wearing matching outfits, so Jack got to wear Uncle Thomas’s lederhosen. My parents lived in Germany before we were born; these things are vintage. Every boy needs some 35 year old leather shorts!
We had Josh’s parents come over for cake and presents so Hannah had both sets of her grandparents watching her open gifts. She loved the attention!

Birthdays are awesome!

This is the inside of the red velvet cake. It’s really really red and very very tasty.
For Hannah’s birthday dinner, my parents treated us to Harry & Izzy’s, which is my favorite restaurant in Indiana. I don’t have anything against St. Elmo’s, I just think Harry & Izzy’s is better. The kids enjoyed it and were very well behaved. Jack and I shared the oven roasted beet salad which is to die for and then I had filet mignon and Jack ordered the beef medallions from the kids menu. Truth be told he pretty much just ate the ketchup out of the little silver dish on the side. The fries were only a vehicle. Hannah ate her meal with good manners and the grace and aplomb that you expect from a young lady of four, dahling.
The very nice wait staff gave Hannah a birthday card and a gigantic brownie and ice cream dessert that was big enough for us all to share. Hannah has exclaimed numerous times how fun it is to be four and how great her birthday was. Happy birthday, Hannah!

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