U-G-L-Y- Squash Without An Alibi

This is not a squash for use in elegant harvest decorating schemes. It is the kind of squash you hide in the bottom of a pile at the back of your pantry. It looks like a diseased rodent carcass swelled up to gargantuan proportions. I know I’m hungry, aren’t you?

And yet, I purchased two of these bad boys. My aunt told me about a roadside place in Virginia that was selling off the last of its pumpkins and squash for a dollar each to make room for Christmas stuff so while we were out there for Thanksgiving I snagged six of the leftovers. After looking around on various websites I decided that the above is a Hubbard Squash, because of it’s two tapered ends and bluish gray color (Hubbards can be several different colors). The information I found indicated that Hubbard Squash is often more pumpkin-y than actual pumpkin, and that most canned pumpkin is actually Hubbard. Who knew? Apparently Hubbard Squash is as sweet and dense as pie pumpkin.

I roasted one of the Hubbards and got a lovely bright orange puree that did indeed lend itself nicely to baking and cooking. We had a delicious dinner of Curried Hubbard Soup and Hubbard Streusel Muffins. With the second squash I might make Hubbard Butter. Heh.

I suppose the take-away is don’t judge a squash by its cover or something like that. Let this be a lesson to you.

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