Sarah is one!

I am scheduling this post to run at 2:36 am because exactly one year ago at that time, Sarah was born. I just went back and re-read her birth story and I can’t believe that was an entire year ago. Apart from some issues with reflux and sleeping, Sarah has been a remarkably easy and sweet tempered baby. I think this time around I was much more able to enjoy her tininess and relish each phase rather than being in so much of a hurry for her to progress to the next big milestone like I was with the first two kids. Now that she is one year old, Sarah seems to be on the verge of walking, says “Mama” and “Dada” and something that seems to be her version of “thank you” and loves to play with the play kitchen and bits of toys her older siblings leave lying around. She gives fabulous big kisses to show how much she loves us, and sometimes unexpectedly delivers a zerbit to our cheeks for good measure! Whenever someone says “yay” or seems happy, Sarah claps furiously to show her support. If we start laughing, Sarah joins in with a hearty “ha ha ha!” fake laugh of her own. She does not like to be left out of the fun! In a bizarre twist of events she has successfully used the potty twice and Jack has declared that the little potty is now for Sarah’s exclusive use. We shall see if this initial success is a portent of easy potty training to come, or if it will spur Jack on to greater consistency in that area too!

This has been a stretching year for me. When I think back on how it was to have three kids under three, I’m amazed at the grace of God that I survived! Hannah turned three a few weeks after Sarah was born, I was still nursing Jack for the first two months of Sarah’s life, and the transition was very difficult for me. When I had two children, I pretty much managed to keep everything going, but adding the third was like a juggler being tossed a flaming fire baton when he’s not ready for it. Things started dropping and I was frustrated on a daily basis at my inability to do all I wanted to do or be all I wanted to be. I am not one to relish being out of control, but in realizing over and over again that I couldn’t handle things on my own, I was blessed to learn more deeply how I can rely on the Lord for strength and wisdom. I recently complimented a friend on something I admire about her parenting and she responded that it was “straight from Jesus.” I thought that was well put, and I have to say that although I still have many miles to go, for me this has been a year of growing in reliance on Christ. If Sarah had not been born, or if our family spacing had been different, I don’t know that I would have learned that lesson or been blessed the same way.

I am grateful that God sovereignly brought Sarah to us at just the right time to bless us with her sweet disposition, her determination, and her funny antics. Having Sarah around has encouraged Hannah to be a better helper and to be more considerate, and has helped Jack to grow into a kinder and gentler boy than he might otherwise have been. She brings us so much joy and we love her very much!

I have loved to see Sarah’s unique and precious personality develop this year. I am looking forward to seeing what this coming year holds for her. Happy birthday sweet Sarah!

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