Sarah’s First Birthday

Before church I actually got all three children to sit down and look pleasant. Only one was looking at the camera (the other two were singing Happy Birthday) but I’ll take what I can get.
I made Sarah’s cake to look like Pat the Bunny, one of my favorite baby books. The copy Hannah and Jack used had seen a lot of use by me and my little brother before they got it, so we were due for a new one. I am not thrilled with how the cake turned out. Sometimes it’s hard being a perfectionist. I need a smaller icing tip for piping, or I should have gotten one of those markers that is food safe for the lettering and detail work. Oh well, it’s not perfect but it is a serious improvement over Hannah’s first birthday cake and Jack’s first birthday cake.
When Sarah woke up from her nap I attempted to get a good picture of her. She was not feeling smiley today.

Mama, I am too sleepy to pose for you.
Sarah with Grammy (Josh’s mom)

The present opening went well. I love the concentration in this face as the arms move wildly to unwrap stuff. Predictably, Sarah was far more interested in the wrapping paper than in the gifts.
This picture might fool you into thinking Sarah is already being careful unwrapping so as to save the paper for other use. Little do you know that shortly after I snapped this picture she began gnawing the box to see if it was edible.
One of Sarah’s gifts was a handknitted cap. Since it was blue and large, Jack co-opted it.
Sarah got a Madeline doll for her first baby. I said, “Look Hannah, now Sarah won’t have to borrow your dolls because she has her own.” Hannah said, “I think Sarah will want to share her doll with me a lot.” Hm.
This is a weird picture, but I threw it in to document that Sarah can stand up unassisted.
Sarah liked the candle on her cake and having us all sing to her. She blew out the candle with assistance.

What is this, and are you sure I’m allowed to eat it?
Wow, this food totally rocks!
What a fabulous birthday!

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