Kind of Lame Palm Tree Cookies

If you have been reading my blog for the past three years (and you probably have not been), you doubtless recall the amazing Christmas camels of 2006. Boy, I had a lot of time on my hands back when I just had one baby. Seriously, what did I even do all day back then? The mind boggles. This year I have again been invited to a cookie exchange, but unlike 2006, I now have a lot less time with which to achieve cookie decorating heights of grandeur. After hosting a gingerbread house making party yesterday morning, I buckled down to making four dozen cookies.
I got this set of cookie cutters at the consulate in Jeddah when I was there on a business trip years ago. This is from whence came the camel, and this year I decided to go with palm trees. It’s not that I don’t own traditional cookie cutters, but I figure it’s better to be unique when it comes to cookie exchanges. I mean, showing up with angels or candy canes when two other people did too would be like showing up at prom wearing the same dress as someone else. Speaking of which, there was a girl at my prom wearing the same dress I was. The sting lingers.
The downside to the palm trees is that they are vicious difficult to get off of the cookie sheet in one piece. Behold the carnage. As the cookies baked I was thinking of how awesome it was to have an extra two dozen to give to other people. As it turned out, I narrowly squeaked by with exactly four dozen unbroken ones by the time I got them off the sheets, decorated them, and packed them in the cookie box. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t count your palm trees before they are packed. Mwa, mwa, mwaaaaaaaaa.
I know, they turned out a little bit lame. It was the best I could do with two kids hyped up on sugar running around singing at the tops of their lungs and one baby clutching at my leg the whole time. The cookies don’t really look like palm trees, so I added dragees, because as the adage goes, “If it can’t be realistic, at least make it sparkly.”
In case you couldn’t see the forest for the trees (whew, I’m on a roll!) here is a close up.

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