The Iconic Christmas Gorilla

On Black Friday my mom and I took the girls to the mall. Hannah has not spent much time in malls so she was beside herself enjoying the crowds and decorations. As we shopped and walked around she kept exclaiming, “This is such a wonderful day! We are having such a wonderful time!”

I wish I had a camera to record her priceless look of amazement when she realized the sparkly white stuff was just a decoration. “MAMA! They have snow here and it’s NOT REAL!”

While we waited for my mom to check out in one store I took Hannah and Sarah out to look at the part of the mall decorated like a zoo at Christmas. I pointed out a gorilla climbing up a giraffe’s neck.

“Look,” I said, “Who ever heard of a gorilla climbing up a giraffe’s neck? Isn’t that so silly?”

Gravely Hannah replied, “No Mama, it’s not silly, it’s CHRISTMAS.”

Of course, I had somehow forgotten that iconic Christmas image of the gorilla scaling the giraffe. What was I thinking?

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