I’m on tour!

On tour with the Christmas tour of homes at the Nesting Place, that is. In the spirit of the Nester’s motto “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” I thought I would show you my decorations.
This is not the best wreath I’ve ever made, but ’twill serve. This picture makes the color of my front door look awesome. If only that were the color in real life. I’m dying to paint my front door and shutters some shade of light turquoise.
I couldn’t make my garland work this year due to not having any real greenery to spice it up with, so I used the beaded pears and some nandina berries from my mom’s yard instead. The bouquets are The Everlasting Acuba mixed with red and gold berries.
This year was different because I switched the picture above our mantel to a painting my great-grandmother did. I also worked in my current favorite pictures of each child in brass and gold painted frames.
I told Josh we can officially only have three more kids while we live in this house because that is how many more nails fit in the mantel to hang stockings. Meanwhile the other three nails now hold these brass decorations that were originally part of horse harnesses. I like them.
This is a very dark picture of our tree. As it has scoliosis of the trunk it is tied to the windowsill with twine to prevent a disaster like the one we had a few years ago. There actually are lights on the top third of the tree, it’s just that they stopped working and I haven’t fixed them yet.
Since I didn’t use the garland on the mantel this year, I put it on top of the piano instead. I think it looks nice with red and gold berries and a wired ribbon. The piano sports my second favorite pictures of the kids and an eclectic mix of mismatched candlesticks. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Or at least acceptable!
This is our Jesse Tree, also sans lights this year. The kids get more into it every year as they get older, which is really cool. We’re using The Jesus Storybook Bible for most of the reading this year, rather than the ones we have used before. I might update our Jesse Tree blog with the page references for the new Bible. If you haven’t checked it out, I’d recommend it (the Jesse Tree and The Jesus Storybook Bible!)
I tried to keep the table decorations to a minimum to discourage toddlers from climbing up there to investigate and to allow for eye contact while dining. We don’t have a breakfast room so we eat all of our meals in the dining room. That’s why our poor beige carpet didn’t stand a chance. Bygones.
I love putting little wreaths with red berries around the lights on the chandelier. It’s very simple but quite festive.
More of the gold beaded pears and red berries fill an heirloom soup tureen for the centerpiece. Those were a great buy years ago for 90% off after Christmas. I very rarely buy any seasonal decorations unless I can get them for 90% off a few days after the holiday. I like to use things in new ways every year and maybe add in a few new things here and there.

Thanks for joining me for the tour! Feel free to join the fun over at The Nesting Place!
Note: The above is supposed to be a clickable button but I couldn’t make that work. If you want to check out the Nesting Place, you’ll just have to click directly!

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