Funny Boy

I love that Jack’s speech is more easily understandable these days. He is so funny!

This morning we were reading a picture book based on the song “Hush Little Baby.” When we got to the part “…if that billy goat won’t pull…” Jack said, “Oh dat goat bein’ OY-nay-ree!” (I thought it was funny that he used the word “ornery” but he was right!)

Jack knows he’s not supposed to scream and cry for me when he wakes up, he’s supposed to wait quietly until naptime is over. I guess in his mind, it’s important for me to know he’s awake, so instead of crying I’ve been hearing him at his bedroom door calling, “Hey Mama, I foh-got to tell you, tank you fo’ lunch!”

For quite some time now Jack has been using this word that sounds like “doe-leem” and I couldn’t figure out what he meant. I thought maybe it was just a made-up nonsense word, but I kept asking him about it. Finally this morning at breakfast he said to all of us, “Good maw-neen, doe-leems!” I said, “Jack, what is doe-leem?” He shook his head and with very careful enunciation he said, “No, DOE-AH-leen.” The lightbulb went off. “Jack,” I said, “Do you mean darling?” He was so excited! With a big smile he said, “YEAH! Doe-ah-leen!” I’m not sure where he got this, but I can’t tell you how cute I think it is that our sweet boy has been calling us all “darling”!

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