Dress Up, Flash Back

Living here in Indiana, I rarely get the chance to dress up in formal wear. Thus, I have not invested in formal wear since college and it gets really interesting when I try to cobble together a reasonable outfit for the rare formal occasion we do have here. For example, the year I was super pregnant at Christmas I wore my junior year Houseparties dress to a party. I looked like I had a watermelon under that green sparkly gown (do not fail to click that link so you can gasp at my huge festive self!), but at least I was clothed. Thank you BCBG for using stretchy fabric!

By contrast, this year I had the startling circumstance of actually being quite a bit thinner than I was in college, but I’m still nursing Sarah so I will let you do the math on how that changes the way things fit. No complaints, but it did narrow the field a bit when I started trying things on.

I decided to go with a raspberry pink silk skirt I first wore to the South Carolina Inaugural Ball in January 2001. I borrowed a top from my roommate Emily (pictured in the red dress top right). The ball was at the Corcoran Gallery and was lots of fun. I scanned in the page from my college scrapbook that contained those pictures – in the center do not fail to notice the glee with which the late Senator Strom Thurmond is pinching me and Dina! Yikes! Double yikes because Strom and I were like cousins or something. I’m not sure how that relation goes, you’d have to ask my dad.

The next time I wore the skirt was for the first night of Houseparties 2001. The week prior I tried on the skirt and it was too tight. Sophie (pictured in the gold dress top right) told me to only eat cucumbers and drink a lot of water all week. It totally worked. Since I couldn’t wear Em’s velvet top in May, I wore a sparkly tube top. I don’t have that tube top anymore because I donated it to the veterans. So if you ever see a veteran wearing a sparkly tube top, you know who to thank.
I next broke out the pink skirt for the 2005 inauguration. We went to the SC ball again, but that time I went with Josh and my parents and my aunt and uncle. I can’t remember which museum it was in, which is pathetic of me, I know. Below you can see me posing as if I’m a first lady. If I ever become First Lady, this picture will doubtless be worth a fortune. You can say you knew me when. Then, if you’re really gutsy, you can crash White House parties and get your picture in all the papers.
Finally, below is the picture of me last night after our formal Christmas party. Same top and skirt as above, but with a sweater over it and regular pearls. It was a very swank party, and I was the only woman who I saw walking up to the door without a mink coat. Once I got inside and wraps were dispensed with though, I thought I blended in fairly well.
Sadly Sarah took ill yesterday afternoon and so I missed the first of the two parties we were meant to attend, but I got her to bed and put the other two kids to bed and some friends watched the sleeping kiddos for us so we could go to the formal party. I had misgivings about leaving the sick baby, but her fever had gone down considerably by that point and we weren’t gone long. As it turned out she slept the whole time anyway. Today she and Jack both have a stomach virus and it is CRAZY around here, so I’m glad we got a chance to dress up and get away a bit last night.

I hope all of you are having a happy (and more importantly HEALTHY) Christmas season so far!

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