The Week in Books 2009, No. 45

A friend of mine who is an actual photographer recommended I read Understanding Exposure to learn how to better use my camera. I thought the book was excellent and informative, but I have to admit that most of it went right over my head. I finished the book and took notes, but then decided to read Nikon D60 for Dummies (I know, I know) first, then once I’m minimally competent I will come back to Understanding Exposure. If you’re pretty good at photography and have a basic grasp of shooting in manual modes, this book would probably help you tremendously and I recommend it for advanced beginners and up!

I was talking on the phone with my friend Kim F. and she told me some yummy sounding things she was cooking from $3 Slow-Cooked Meals. I promptly forgot the names of the recipes she mentioned, but the one I tried from the book was all right. I didn’t slow cook it though, because to me the real work of cooking is the chopping (I’m the world’s slowest chopper) and sauteeing and browning the meat etc so tossing it all in the crock pot to cook is no easier for me than tossing it all in a pot on the stove. If you are gone all day and don’t want to risk having your oven on while you’re out, slow cooking probably makes more sense. The nice thing about this cookbook is that the author gives instructions for slow cooking OR conventionally cooking each recipe.

Book Update: A while ago I reviewed Family Feasts for $75 a Week and since then I have tried many of the recipes it contains. All of them were GREAT. The recipes are surprisingly good, nutritious, and don’t taste too bland/salty/creamy like a lot of “budget” recipes do. I like that she uses mostly whole food ingredients rather than a lot of boxed or canned stuff. If you haven’t checked this book out yet, I doubly recommend it now!

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