My Top Three Thanksgiving Books for Kids

We have had a number of great Thanksgiving and autumn themed books out from the library this month, and you can read my more detailed list of reviews from last year if you’re interested, but I thought I would highlight my top three picks from this fall. I realize it’s a bit late to procure Thanksgiving books for this year, but perhaps you could keep an eye out and find them in time for next November!

I love books that are kind of quirky and full of clever rhymes, but that aren’t weird or trying too hard. A Plump and Perky Turkey qualifies for that distinction. The book tells the story of the people of Squawk Valley, who were “downhearted and depressed” because they did not have a turkey for Thanksgiving and feared they would be left with only “bowls of Shredded Wheat” for their dinner. In order to avoid this horror, the people put up ads for a craft fair to celebrate turkeys and solicit a turkey to be the model for turkeys made of various mediums including, naturally, oatmeal and soap. The turkey outsmarts them all and takes off for the beach and the townspeople are left to learn their lesson and be thankful for their cereal dinner.

The Very First Thanksgiving Day is a great back and forth rhyming book about the first Thanksgiving, and treats the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians with respect and accuracy while staying totally age appropriate and not letting the details of hardship bog down the theme of thankfulness. The best part of this book are the illustrations, which are wonderful and detailed.

In November has some of the most beautiful illustrations I’ve seen in a book for children. I love the vibrant autumn colors and the depictions of people and animals full of life and emotion. The text is also great, and is slow paced and thoughtful, as is entirely appropriate for the season.

Those are my top three this year, in no particular order. What are your favorite Thanksgiving books for kids?

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