On Parade

On Saturday Josh needed to march in a local parade for the Congressman he works for so the kids and I went along to lend our support. The kids were SO excited to be in a parade and throw candy around.

This is not the best picture of the girls, but I felt the need to document the matching pants and hairbows.
Jack had a better vantage point from atop Josh’s shoulders.
Jack also enjoyed waving signs.

Before the parade kicked off the kids were allowed to play in this little motorized car. Jack took it very seriously and was most put out when he was not allowed to drive it along the parade route. I’m sure 16 will come all too soon, Buddy.

Littlest campaigner

The only thing that would have made the parade better would have been a slower pace! Evidently they set the pace at 5 miles per hour, not realizing that some of us were walking not riding on floats! The kids and I quickly fell behind due to their short little legs and Hannah’s penchant for dropping candies individually into the waiting hands of the parade watchers. I feel like we did most of the parade route at a dead run trying to catch up to our proper place, but it was still fun! Quite a workout too, as you can imagine if you’ve ever tried to go 5 miles per hour while pushing a stroller in one hand and carrying a 28 pound toddler in the other.

A good time was had by all and now all three kids can say they have been in a parade!

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