Flash Forward

Here is Jack. He’s a happy-go-lucky two year old. He likes to imitate his daddy. He pretends to play guitar and plays the drums. He has a new pair of dark brown oxfords just like the ones his daddy has. He calls them “mah Daddy shoes!”
So it did not surprise me overmuch when Jack came out of my bathroom and announced, “Yook! I Daddy now!” He had gotten into my makeup bag, found the dark brown eyeshadow, and used it like fingerpaint to give himself a mustache and beard. It’s more of a soul patch, really.
This gives us a foretaste of how Jack will look in 25 years. The weight of his many responsibilities weighs heavily on his tiny shoulders, as you can see from his pensive expression.
But I’m glad he’s just a little tyke for now! What a handsome boy he is! And yes, I did give him another haircut, so don’t make fun of him if you see him in person, ok?

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