Welcome to the latest episode of Misadventures in Bread Baking with Catherine. After reading The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book last week I set out to make Scottish Sponge Bread. I will not lie to you, I mostly decided to try it because I figured with the word “Scottish” in the name Josh would have to eat it even if it was a flop.

And oh, what a flop it was.

I shouldn’t say it was a total loss because it was neat to see how the sponge rose and I did perfect my technique a bit with the instructions from the bread book. However, after the initial ten minute kneading of the sponge I had to knead the actual dough for AN HOUR the next day to get it to the right consistency, and it had to rise four times and it STILL did not taste as good as Ridiculously Easy Wheat Bread (which I can make it 20 minutes or so). I mean, we ate it of course but it was so not worth the time put into it. When I knead dough for over an hour I expect to be TRANSPORTED TO ANOTHER DIMENSION OF FOOD AWESOMENESS when I consume it.

Undaunted, I next tried the Fresh Milk Bread recipe. Although it was rather more time consuming than the Ridiculously Easy bread, the milk bread tasted great. I will probably make it again.

On the other hand, I’m tempted to try the Ridiculous bread using my newly learned techniques to see how that turns out, if only because of the time factor.

Feeling overconfident after my modest success, I decided to make chapathis from the recipe in the book. It sounded like a cross between pita bread and naan, and the recipe noted that “In India, even the youngest cooks can make chapathis…”

And that is why I was even more chagrined when my chapathis were a total fail. I imagine you could get a similar product if you set out to make tortillas using only flour and Elmer’s Glue. I know the fault was mine and not the recipe, I just can’t pinpoint where I went wrong. Big Sigh.

But let’s end on a positive note, shall we? My friends Alaina and Heather have started a new cookery blog together, and it seems there will be a category for yeast breads. Perhaps there is hope for me yet!

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