The Sisters

We spent a week on Bald Head Island, NC with my mom and her sisters (from left: Fran, Polly, Sarah, my mom, Cacky). At first we tried to explain that these were the kids’ great aunts, but Hannah gave up on that concept and took to calling them “The Sisters.”
My mom is the eldest sister (they also have an older brother, Arthur, but he lives in South Africa and thus was not at the beach with us).
Fran is the youngest sister. The kids call her “Tanty” because she is named Frances after her great-aunt Frances, whom the sisters called Tanty.
Polly is the second eldest sister. We got to stay with Polly and her husband at their house in Columbia, SC on the way home. Polly’s husband is named Banks, which thrilled Hannah and Jack to no end because of that name’s association with Mary Poppins.
Here is Fran with the kids at the marina. She is a brave woman to allow Jack to play with her sunglasses.
This would be a cuter picture if Jack was not involved in a complicated sunglasses maneuver, but it’s a cute one of Fran anyway!
Here is Cacky with Jack on the beach. Cacky is a nickname for Catherine, if you didn’t know. I’m named after Cacky, but most of the family calls her “Big Catherine” and me “Little Catherine.”

I LOVE this picture of my mom and Sarah!
Jack, Mom, Cacky, Hannah
I also love this picture of Polly and Jack!
Here Cacky is cutting up cherries so the kids don’t eat the pits.
A sweet moment with Hannah and Fran

I finally got a chance to go through all of our trip pictures, so this week will be a little photo heavy!

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