Plant Potatoes – Lose Weight!

Step One: Purchase one baking potato (290 calories), one sweet potato (162 calories), and one red potato (266 calories)

Step Two: Cut up the potatoes and plant them in your garden

Step Three: At the end of the summer, harvest one teeeeeeny tiny red potato (13 calories, max), such as the one held by Jack in the photo above

Voila! With a net calorie loss of 703 calories, you need only repeat this experiment five times to lose a pound!

Seriously, can you believe how tiny that potato is? The kids were thrilled with it. Pay no attention to the okra Hannah is holding – that came from my aunt Polly’s garden and Hannah is only holding it in the picture because she felt left out by Jack getting to hold the prized potato.

At least we’ve done better with green beans, and we’ve gotten about 9 small tomatoes (many of the rest have been eaten while still green by the impatient half-pint gardeners among us). How are your gardens doing?

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