Photographic Evidence That Swagbucks WORKS!

Have you seen everybody posting about Swagbucks or even signed up for Swagbucks but never used it because you thought it was a gimmick or not really worth it?

PLEASE do yourself a favor and either sign up for Swagbucks or use it if you have it already, because this program rocks the Casbah!

Since signing up about nine months ago, I have turned in all of the points I earned for Amazon gift cards. Slowly, I built my Amazon balance, although I did take some out to buy birthday presents and a pair of shoes and the three Jillian Michaels workout DVDs.

Along the way, I also earned a $50 Amazon card from My Points, and got a little bit here and there from Amazon Associates links (thank you to people who go to Amazon through my links!), but mostly I just used Swagbucks. Finally, a few weeks ago I had enough to get the incredibly awesome Nikon D60 Digital SLR Camera I have had my eye on for years. This camera is AMAZING and I wanted to prove it by showing you some of the pictures I’ve been taking, but sadly I shot them in RAW mode and haven’t gotten to the point in the manual where I find out how to convert them to JPEG so I can post them. Baby steps.

So what did I do to earn all this fabulous Amazon bounty? I signed up for Swagbucks and I use it for my regular internet searches. The search results are powered by Google and, so they are good results. There is no discernible rhyme or reason to what gets points and what doesn’t, but if you do a few searches every day you’ll earn at least a point a day, often two or three. One day I won 40 points for a search. This is a good month to join Swagbucks or download their new toolbar, because when you do that they give you a free point every day in September.

Beyond regular searching, Swagbucks will match the first 100 points of everyone who signs up under you. So if you get your friends and family to sign up, you’ll get even more points.

Without signing up any of your friends or getting any of the free points from the toolbar, you’ll still earn enough points to get a $5 Amazon gift card every month. That’s more than Google pays you, right? Happy searching!

Note: If you want more information about My Points and how to get gift cards and stuff from them, leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll forward you a link.

Another note: If you have any good tips on the care and feeding of Nikon D60s, please let me know that too!

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