Moving On Up

This morning I heard the tell-tale creak of Jack’s bedroom door and a little voice piping up from the top of the stairs.

“I jomp out my cyib! I cyimb outta dere! I did it!”

Upon hearing of this accomplishment, Josh said, with tongue in cheek, “That’s awesome, Jack.”

Jack responded brightly, “I know!”

When Hannah escaped the crib we had her in a twin bed with a rail for a while, then in a double bed with a rail, then a twin without a rail, a crib mattress on the floor, and finally a toddler bed, where she remains. Given the way the rooms are set up now, our options are to have Jack in a double bed with a rail, or on his crib mattress on the floor. I truly loathe changing the double bed sheets because the bed is up against a corner, so I might just put him on the floor. For tonight he is in the crib with the side down so he won’t break his arm when he climbs out.

He was too tired to escape tonight because he didn’t nap today, being entirely too enamored with his ability to get out of the crib. I’d no sooner put him down than he’d be up and out, announcing, “I wake up! Hooway! Pway toys! Ree’ me some books!” Cute, but not entirely conducive to rest hour.

I was really hoping Jack would acquiesce to my plan to keep him in the crib until he turned three, but as such was not to be the case we will roll with this new phase and congratulate Jack on his skill acquisition.

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