Miracle Cream!

Is that a loaded title, or what? I know you were expecting the secret to getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, or cellulite, or stretch marks, or making your freckles disappear, or making your bustline bigger but your waistline smaller, or at the very least removing rust spots from your car.

This cream recipe will not do any of those things, to my knowledge. Then again, I have not tried it, so maybe it does. If you perchance stumble upon other miracles caused by this cream, do drop us a comment so we will know. (By “we” and “us” I of course mean “me” and “I” but I was trying to use the Royal We for dramatic effect. I feel like the dramatic effect may have been dramatically lessened by the fact that it necessitated this lengthy explanation.)

Onward to the Miracle Cream. It’s for….diaper rash. Sighs of disappointment all ’round from those who have no children or whose children are already endowed with miraculously rash-free bottoms. Those of you who encounter the occasional diaper rash will be glad of this cream, trust me.

My friend Kim who is a pharmacist, woman of great wisdom, mom-about-town and undercover supermodel told me that a diaper rash that won’t respond to just zinc oxide cream (like Desitin and that type) will often respond to clotrimazole cream. Believe it. I checked with the pediatrician and yeah, they recommend it too. Clotrimazole cream is for athelete’s foot. I know, grody to the max, right? But it works.

Then last year at MOPS I heard that the children’s hospital mixes up a cream for rashes that is even better than plain clotrimazole cream. Now that I have effectively made this short story long, here is the big reveal:

Miracle Cream for Diaper Rash
1 part zinc oxide cream (like Desitin or similar)
1 part clotrimazole cream (generic is ok, it’s in the foot care section)
a spoonful or two of Mylanta liquid (Seriously!)

Mix up together and apply to the rash whenever you change the diaper. I hope it works for you!

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