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I have long fought the belligerent closet doors in the girls’ room. We never opened them much before Hannah was born, because that closet used to be empty. Then I needed to get in there more frequently and it became obvious that there was something seriously wrong with the track. The doors kept popping off the track and getting stuck. Every few weeks Josh would go up there with screwdrivers (tools, not drinks) to try to fix it, and the doors would work better for a few days before going nuts again. Finally this summer things got so bad that the doors wouldn’t go on the track at all, and had to be propped up against the wall as you see above. Those are some big heavy doors, and one day Jack disobeyed a direct order and caused the door to fall on his head. Thinking of how easily that could be Sarah next time, I decided that enough was enough. The time had come to vanquish the manxome foe once and for all.
Remember when I said the closet was empty before Hannah was born? Well, it’s seen a bit of use since those days. Clearly I could not just leave it sitting there, an eyesore and a temptation to Hannah to go digging around when she should be sleeping. That’s the dog at the bottom of the picture, by the way, not a fur coat.

I had some fabric left over from the chair, crib skirt and bumpers, and valance, so I folded it up and mistreated that closet. I hot glued the fabric to the metal track thing inside the closet, after first testing to make sure the hot glue would come off the metal thing in case I needed it later. Then I measured two white twin sheets I had in the linen closet and folded over a pocket (sewing with a wide stitch so I can pull it out later if I’m ever short of twin bed sheets), then inserted a tension rod and hung up the curtain. I didn’t cut the sheets or the fabric because I might need to repurpose them at a later date.
I think the result is pretty fabulous. It would look even better if the white curtains were up at the window, but Hannah pulled them once and the curtain rod bent, after which I never remembered to get a new curtain rod and so the curtains are folded up somewhere. Now that I think of it, I can’t remember where I put them. Hm.
As for the doors, well I’ve always wanted a headboard for our bed! I stacked them up behind the frame to see how the size would look. I’ll probably eventually cover them with batting and fabric, or at least paint the part where I had to unscrew the sliding thingy, and at bare minimum I need to find a way to attach the top one to the wall so that it does not come crashing down on us and bash our heads while we sleep.
Best of all, in moving the bed out to put the doors behind it, I found the long lost missing 11 from our clock puzzle!!!!! If you are a Type A parent whose children have a huge Melissa & Doug collection, you’ll understand why I’m so ecstatic to get this missing piece back. I feel like I will sleep better tonight.

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