Trotting Horse Dresses

My aunt Catherine gave me some t-shirts she didn’t want. In hindsight I should have asked her before using them for a project, but I did save the printed parts in case they are collectors items. My hope is that anyone who gifts me with textiles will issue explicit instructions if said materials are not to be altered in any way. Otherwise I might commence to measure once and cut five times as is my wont.

I decided to use the t-shirts to make dresses for the girls. Initially I thought I would make a blue one with pink ruffles and a pink one with blue ruffles, but there wasn’t enough fabric and the pink didn’t quite match the ribbon I had on hand for the blue one, so I went another direction. The results would look cute if the girls were on trotting horses, or if they were displayed to people who were trotting by on horses. That does sort of limit the occasions on which the dresses can be worn, as you might imagine.
Result number one: a sundress for Hannah that wound up being too big. She likes it, but I won’t let her wear it because it slips off of her shoulders and gapes around the torso. I feel like I could take it all apart and make it smaller, but I am now out of white thread, don’t have any light pink thread, and am reluctant to invest too much more time on this. The problem with me and projects is that I get bored quickly. Also I don’t follow directions well. Also I am an eyeballer, not a measurer. One wonders why I craft at all, but I do enjoy repurposing things found ’round the home (Heidi, you are supposed to say that in the voice from Pinky and the Brain, in case you missed it!)
The second project (which was actually the one I made first) came out much better, in the sense that it fits Sarah and looks acceptable.

So I may or may not redo the dress for Hannah, given that summer is almost over and I’m leaving on Monday to take the kids on a three week road trip and have not started packing. Also we are having people over on Saturday and I have some other work to do. I meant to make the kids’ baby books before we leave, but I think I won’t get to that. So much to do, so little time!

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