Quick Takes and WIB No. 31

1. Mom was right.
The only thing that cleans my kitchen floor satisfactorily is moi on hands and knees. It’s amazing really. Yes, it takes an hour, but it lasts all week and that is better than mopping which never looked good even right after I finished the task. Never, ever choose cheap white linoleum for your flooring. That is my word of wisdom to you.

2. Jack has a good sense of humor.
Yesterday Sarah was crying (she’s cutting her first tooth) while I was cooking dinner so I asked Jack to go cheer her up. I suggested he tell her a joke. Jack squatted down in front of Sarah, got right up in her face, and yelled, “JOKE!” then ran away laughing. Surprisingly enough, Sarah thought that was funny and stopped crying. Whatever works.

3. The multi-kid savings are mounting.
Speaking of Sarah cutting a tooth, I noticed today that our tube of Baby Orajel teething gel expires in December of this year. It’s the same tube I bought when Hannah started teething, and also used when Jack was teething. That was a good investment.

4. The kids have packed their backpacks for our trip.
We spent a fun afternoon debating the merits of each and every book we own, weighing the pros and cons of each small car and baseball action figure and My Little Pony, selecting new crayons and glue sticks and stickers, and even picking a traveling outfit for Hannah’s doll Little Emily (Charlotte Twenty is also going, but her clothes double as her skin so she’s much easier to dress). Hannah was concerned that she might need to pack extra doll clothes in case Little Emily “pooped out her diaper” or “had a’ occasion” to attend, but I convinced her that the chosen layette would be sufficient and the opportunities for the dolls to embark on occasions would be limited. Jack decided to pack his “seeeeeea toe-toe” and his Daryl Strawberry action figure, whom he calls “SchOE-bay-wee” in a really adorable way.

5. I think we get the prize for most times listening to “Revelation Song.”
I wish I had a dollar for every time the kids have asked to listen to Revelation Song recently, because I could do a lot with $17,843.00. (Yeah, that’s a recycled Facebook status, sorry, I’m running low on ideas here)

6. Take #6 doubles as the week in books.
Since I was sewing and otherwise occupied this week, I only read one book, and it technically wasn’t a book, it was a study guide. If anyone owns the actual book form of Revolutionary Parenting: What the Research Shows Really Works by George Barna, please let me know. Our library inexplicably has the study guide but not the book. The study guide was helpful so I presume the book is even better. The Barna Group did a study of strong Christian adults to find out what the common denominators were in how they were raised, and then compiled the results into Revolutionary Parenting. Obviously what makes strong Christians is the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, but I still think it’s good to consider what you can do as a parent to help your kids get on the right path. The study guide had interesting things to think about concerning priorities, goals, and time management in parenting, and I assume the book has more detail and information.

7. When I am an old lady, remind me to encourage young moms.
Several times lately I’ve had older ladies stop me to say something kind or encouraging or understanding about the kids. Today a lady with a walker told me that my children are a credit to me. Granted, she only saw them briefly in a check out line, but those little comments help. I think one of the hard things about having little children is that you feel like Sisyphus doing the same task over and over again and wondering if it’s going to make any difference in the long run. Hearing a kind word every now and then really brightens the day. I hope I remember that when I get older.

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