Seven Quick Takes

1. I’m back in the 5 am club.
I find it kind of hard to balance need for sleep with need for getting stuff done, but this week getting stuff done is winning. I find the day runs more smoothly when I get up and do my Bible reading and prayer time, then exercise and shower before the kids get up. “Before the kids get up” is a fluctuating goal, since for example today Sarah was up at 6:15 and generally Jack is up before 7, but every little bit helps.

2. Being in the 5 am club means I’m aiming for the 9 pm club.
Since I’m generally up at least twice per night nursing Sarah, and often up at least once with the other two kids, getting up at 5 means that, to quote Kramer, “I’m on NO SLEEP, Jerry!” I’ve been trying to get to bed by 9 pm, but that’s also hard to do and makes me feel like an 8 year old.

3. I hope I am not the next Craig’s List murder victim.
Josh is selling some of his guitar pedals, but he will be at work when the guy who is supposedly buying them comes to pick them up. Hopefully the buyer turns out to be some meek and mild musician and not an axe murderer. It’s at times like this that I wish we had a more ferocious dog. At all other times, I do not wish for anything extra in the dog department.

4. The kids are obsessed with sea turtles.
Next month the kids and I are going to do our annual Honey Chile Roadshow, in which we visit all of my relatives and go to the beach. My mom has a friend who does the same thing with her grandchildren, but they call it The Southern Heritage Tour. That sounds a lot more refined than my title, but oh well. Anyway, this year we’re going to join my mom and her sisters for a week at Bald Head Island, where there are a lot of sea turtle conservation efforts. The kids have gotten really into sea turtles, and have loved all the sea turtle books we’ve checked out, gotten from Half Price Books, or been sent by my aunt. Hannah has memorized a bunch of facts about turtles and recites them at the slightest provocation, and Jack is always asking about “seeeeeeeeeeeeea toe-toes.” I hope we get a chance to see a sea turtle nest excavation.

5. My computer is in rolling blackout mode.
I’m not sure why our computers self-destruct after two or three years, but this one is in the process of dying its peculiar slow death. Randomly it decides not to recognize any USB ports or things plugged into it, which means most days it doesn’t recognize the keyboard, mouse, my camera, the printer, or the internet in turn or in combination. Sometimes restarting it helps, and sometimes not. My dad says I should not ascribe human caprice to computers, because they only do what they are told, but I have my doubts.

6. Little pitchers have big ears (and mouths).
I am constantly reminded that I need to watch what I say around the kids. Sometimes they pick up innocuous turns of phrase that are just funny when repeated, as when Hannah recently ended a comment wiht “Ya know what I mean, Vern?” but sometimes it’s like a game of telephone that might end badly, as when Hannah overheard me say something was “the bomb” and later went around saying people were “a bum.” I know, it could be so much worse.

7. Evidently I sing the Oscar Meyer song incorrectly.
I sing the Oscar Meyer bologna commercial substituting Sarah’s name for Oscar Meyer: “My Sarah has a first name, it’s S-A-R-A-H. My Sarah has a second name, H-O-O-P-E-R. We love to see her every day, and if you ask us why, we’ll sayyyyyyy, ’cause Sarah Hooper has a way of making us all smile each day.” Josh is being driven slowly crazy by the fact that I apparently sing the second verse completely wrong, but I can’t remember to sing it the proper way, so I don’t. One of the items on my To Do list is “learn to sing Oscar Meyer song the right way” but since some of the other items on the list are a little more important, I can’t guarantee when I’ll have the song crossed off.

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