Sarah’s Baptism

Sweet Sarah was baptized on Sunday. She is in the fifth generation to be baptized in this dress, which was made by her great-great-great grandmother. I don’t know if that means much to anyone else, but to me it’s a great statement of her Christian heritage and the love and care of each generation.
Here is a picture of the actual baptism. Jack was really taken aback when the pastor put the water on Sarah’s head, but Sarah herself did not bat an eye. She just smiled and was happy even with wet hair.
We got a nice family picture once we got home. Finally, photographic evidence that we are, in fact, a family of five! My mom did the flower arrangement for the church service, and we brought it home. It doesn’t usually sit on this table, but it looks nice in the picture! Hannah had to change dresses, because at Sunday School some other kid got red candy on the pink dress she was wearing to church. Don’t worry, the stain came out.

Sarah is such a happy, sweet-natured child!
My mom with Hannah and Sarah
Examining her new silver cup
And tasting her new silver rattle
What joy! This thing makes great noises!
We decorated the table with little flower arrangements made in silver mint julep cups, Hannah’s two baby cups, my baby cup, and Jack’s baby cup, and added in each child’s rattle. I thought it looked really pretty, because two things I truly love are flowers and shiny silver things! Also pictured is the cake I made for Sarah. It was almond cake with apricot filling, pink buttercream, and pink fondant (all made by me!), decorated with Sarah’s monogram, a white silk ribbon, and little dots. I thought it came out really well for my first attempt at fondant. I loved making it, and can totally see why people get into making cakes professionally.

I messed up this piece when I was cutting it, but at least you can see how it looked pretty on the china.
Here is another little arrangement made in Hannah’s porringer. Isn’t my mom such a talented flower arranger? Talent on a stick.
Finally, because as I mentioned I really love silver and flowers, here is another closeup of the table.

I’m so glad we took the time and effort to make Sarah’s baptism a really special celebration. She has been such a marvelous blessing to our family, and brings us so much joy with her ready smiles and happy babbling! We are grateful to God for her and look forward to seeing what her future holds!

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