Review: Ecostore Natural Laundry Powder

Ecostore USA sent me a box of their plant based laundry powder to review on my blog because they are expanding their line of natural cleaning products into Meijer stores in the Midwest. The company’s tag line is “no nasty chemicals” and I appreciate that. The 35.3 ounce box of detergent sells for $11, which works out to $5 per pound.

The detergent seems to do a good job, although I haven’t used it for long, so I don’t know how it works over time. I mention that because of my bad results with homemade detergent and Arm and Hammer detergent over long periods of time (the homemade stuff left a nasty residue and reduced the absorbency of cloth diapers, and the Arm and Hammer ripped our clothes up).

My concern with this product is its cost. If you are used to driving to Whole Foods for natural detergent and paying a similar price for Seventh Generation detergent or something, it might be worth it for you to get Ecostore detergent at Meijer. However, you can also order Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent from Amazon and get it for $1.60 per pound (I think you might have to pay shipping for it because of the weight, but it’s still likely to be less than the $5 per pound Ecostore price), or you can get Shaklee’s organic laundry powder for $2.88 per pound. I’m more familiar with the Shaklee brand than Ecostore or Seventh Generation, so I’d be more inclined to trust the Shaklee claims regarding ingredients and efficacy, but I haven’t done tests or read scientific studies of the three products.

I’m reluctant to post such a mixed review since the company was so kind as to send me a free product to sample, but the price really does give me pause since it’s so much higher than comparable products easily available elsewhere. That said, if you only shop at Meijer and are looking for a natural laundry detergent, I think the Ecostore detergent is worth a try.

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