Razors are sharp, irons are hot, and other news you can use

I have often heard people talk about “shaving” fabric that has those little pills on it, and today I thought I’d try it. After all, I have a large stash of disposable razors I got for free along the way, so I might as well put them to good use, right?

First of all, stop laughing. I can hear you.

Second of all, if you try this at home, I do not recommend razors that have a little strip of gelatinous goo on them. That might protect your skin from cuts, but it does not do your fabric any favors.

Third of all, if you try to pry the top off of the disposable razor to get the aforementioned gelatinous goo off so you can shave the fabric better, be aware that razors are as sharp as…razors. I know this because I managed to pop one of the little boogers off the razor and onto my defenseless thumb. Even using the plain razor didn’t really do anything for the tiny balls on the fabric. Boo.

In other news, irons are hot. You heard it here first. In the course of a sewing project I’m working on, I needed to make my own bias tape. It was, surprisingly enough, not that difficult. Ironing it into teeny tiny folds, however, required my iron to get much too close to my fingers and oh, the humanity.

The incident reminded me of a fateful day in 6th grade when I was trying to iron the collar of a dress. Ironing the collar of the dress would probably not be particularly memorable except for the fact that I was wearing it at the time the ironing transpired. It was not my finest moment. It was a lot worse than ironing my fingers into the teeny tiny bias tape and thus I feel much improved.

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