Mamas, don’t let your babies put their fish oil vitamins in your washing machine

My children are enraptured by vitamins. Judging by the dancing and leaping and shouts of acclimation that erupt whenever I bring out the vitamins, taking their Shaklee multivitamin and chewable kids fish oil capsule is the highlight of their days. I’ve noticed that Jack in particular will often hang on to his vitamin for a while, marvelling over it and treasuring it before he pops it in his mouth for good.

A more experienced mama would probably have taken steps to make sure that the consumption of said vitamins was actually taking place every day.

A more experienced mama might have thought about the likelihood that her son would put a fish oil capsule in his pocket for later and maybe forget about it and put his outfit in the wash.

A more experienced mama might check her children’s pockets more carefully as she loads the washer, especially given her daughter’s penchant for hiding pebbles in her socks because she likes to pretend that her socks are purses and she thinks pebbles are money.

Sadly, such experience is only gained by….experience.

Yes, dear readers, I have washed more than my fair share of rocks and my favorite shirt is now imbued with the pungent aroma of rotten sea creatures.

I took the laundry out of the washing machine recently and noticed a vile and putrid odor on some of Jack’s clothes and my shirt. After washing them again, the smell came out of Jack’s clothes, but the right sleeve of my fabulous coral colored J. Crew t-shirt was still reeking of putrescent sludge.

I tried soaking the shirt in baking soda solution. I tried vinegar. I even ran the shirt in a wash of hot water and a cup of straight bleach, then put it out in the sun for two days.

I think the smell might be lessening, so I plan to wash the shirt one more time and dry it in the sun again, but if that doesn’t do the trick I’m going to have to toss it. At best it is now several shades lighter than it was before (whereas before it was a nice deep coral, it is now a shade of washed out watery cantaloupe).

I titled this post along the lines of a country western song because I thought the topic fit in well with that genre. You know: heartbreak, a tornado gettin‘ yer double-wide, a dawg that done run oft, and a child that put a fish oil vitamin in your beleaguered washing machine. It has a certain ring to it.

On the other hand, I count myself blessed that the situation isn’t worse. I looked online for remedies and found a ton of other people who had similar things happen but lost entire loads of laundry and even had to buy new washing machines! In the grand scheme of things, losing one shirt is not that big of a deal, especially since I bought it for $1.

So if you’re inspired to write a song about your trailer and dawg and whatever, be sure to go up tempo when you sing the verse about the fish oil vitamin. And I’d appreciate a shout-out in the liner notes if you don’t mind.

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