Happy 5th of July

Yesterday was rainy so we pretended today was the 4th of July. My project last week was to make the girls coordinating red, white and blue dresses. This is one of the many reasons I am delighted to have two girls!

At first I was just going to make a dress for Hannah out of a tank top and the red fabric above (which has little cream colored stars on it). The red fabric is left over from a shopping cart cover I made for Laura B. years ago. In the middle of the night I thought it would be better to use the red fabric with blue fabric. After ransacking the linen closet, I found a faded navy pillowcase Josh had when he was in college.

And that’s vintage. Heh.

The pillowcase had an odd and ugly trim on it that made it look even more like a college boy pillowcase, so I cut that part off and decided to make a ruffle for the bottom of the dress out of the red fabric. Then I thought I’d do a coordinating star applique out of the red fabric and use red grosgrain ribbon for the straps. As I cut out the ruffle, I realized I had enough of the red fabric to make a smaller dress for Sarah, and enough of the blue fabric from the old pillowcase hem to make a blue ruffle and star for her dress. I think the results are pretty cute! I’m now officially addicted to pillowcase dresses and also applique!

The girls do kind of look like Star-bellied Sneetches, but hopefully not in a bad way. Sarah is so chubby now, isn’t she? She’s not eating any regular food yet, either, so I can’t decide if I’ve been dropping weight the past two weeks because of Jillian or because of Sarah! Hannah likes to grab Sarah and say, “Look at those CHOBBY LAYGS!”

Anyway, I hope you all had a happy 4th of July, whether you were celebrating American independence, Canada Day, or just hanging out doing something totally unrelated.

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