Being That Mom at the Zoo

Last week while my mom was in town (Dad was here for Sarah’s baptism too, but Mom stayed longer) we decided to dress the kids up in their matching sailor suits and take them to the Zoo for a photo shoot. I know, I’m That Mom. I figure in a couple of years the kids will roll their eyes and gnash their teeth if I suggest they dress alike and go out in public, so I have to strike while the iron is hot. Or I could just teach them how awesome it is to have siblings to dress alike with, and then they will BEG me to make them matching sailor suit outfits like the Von Trapp family from The Sound of Music. Or maybe like the matching play clothes made from drapes in the same film. I don’t have suitable curtains for that purpose like the Von Trapps did, but I have been rocking the pillowcases lately so maybe I’ll go that route.

Anyway, we got some great pictures at the Zoo, and you can see more of them below or over on the kids’ blog. I also posted there about some funny stuff the kids have said lately, and finally got around to posting Sarah’s six month stats, now that she’s seven months and one day old. Sarah, if you read this someday and feel unloved because I didn’t chronicle your height and weight right away, just remember that I made you a fabulous pink cake in the interim, ok?

A sweet smile from Hannah
Exuberant Jack
Sweet Sarah, hot and overtired, but taking it all in stride

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