What did she mean by that?

Yesterday I stopped by a Starbucks to use a coupon I had for a free iced coffee. The woman behind the counter asked me if I wanted milk it in, and I replied in the affirmative.

“Skim, right? Nonfat?” she asked with great assurance.

Taken aback, I agreed, although if I had thought about it I would have asked for whole milk. What did she mean by assuming I wanted skim milk? Do I look like the kind of person who only orders skim milk? What kind of person IS that, exactly? Was she trying to say I need to lose weight?

I must admit that I spend more time than necessary analyzing the possible hidden meanings in other people’s speech. Sometimes it’s a helpful habit, because it helps me understand what someone is really getting at, but more often it just makes me self-conscious.

Aside from my ongoing problem of caring too much what other people think of me, thinking about the potential hidden meanings of what we say is also an interesting writing prompt. I have collected several bizarre quotes that would be great in my novel if I ever write one, but in the meantime look here, I just got a blog post out of one!

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