Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack turned two on Saturday, but since we’ve all been sick we celebrated today. He’s such a great blessing to our family. It’s fun to be able to understand more of what he’s trying to say lately, and I love that he’s still our cuddliest kid, and always wants to give hugs and console the baby when she’s crying. He’s a great son and brother!
When asked what shape he wanted for his cake, Jack said, “Dog! Geese! Truck! Pants!” so I went with a dog. It took FOREVER but it was a rather convincing three dimensional dog head if I do say so myself.
Of all the books and toys Jack got for his birthday his most favorite by far was this big bat and baseball set. I got it at CVS for 90% off at the end of last summer. Best 49 cents I’ve ever spent! Josh is having a blast teaching Jack and Hannah to play baseball, having already taught them to cheer for the Yankees.
Josh really wants to build a T-ball field for the kids in our backyard. We have the space, but not one of those rollers that lays down the baselines! Above you can see Hannah at bat, Josh “catching” and Jack pitching/fielding. The kids were SO into this! I think we need a T-ball tee. And a “no batting in the house” rule!

Happy Birthday Jack!

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